Requirements and criteria

To allow focused transfer projects to be completed purposefully and expediently, they must meet eight requirements.

  • R1 - The project must be a collaboration between a research institute (transfer provider) and an industrial company (transfer recipient). Groups of multiple transfer providers and/or multiple transfer recipients are also possible.

  • R2 - New subsystems, systems, products, processes, methods, tools or technical services must be developed or introduced in the company.

  • R3 - The project must generally last between five and ten months.

  • R4 - The level of funding is approx. EUR 30,000 per project, up to a maximum of EUR 50,000 (incl. all additional costs, e.g. the fixed project price). Full funding is provided for expenses incurred by the transfer provider (personnel and travel costs). The transfer recipient must bear their own expenses. Under the cooperative agreement, these should be described/documented but no formal proof is required.

  • R5 - The project must make a contribution to the objectives of the Leading-Edge Cluster and be in line with its strategy. This requires a clear correlation with one or more of the cluster’s cross-sectional projects.

  • R6 - Both the transfer provider and the transfer recipient must be from the cluster region.

  • R7 - The application documents must comprise: A project outline in which the project partners describe their plans, and a letter of intent (LoI) from the transfer recipient.

  • R8 - The company involved must be a member of it’s OWL e.V. (no later than the start of the transfer project). Sponsor membership is sufficient.

Technology transfer is aimed above all at small and medium-sized enterprises. For this reason, project outlines from these companies will be given preference. Applications may also be submitted by larger medium-sized enterprises or core companies. However, the project may not be in receipt of funding from another source and/or carried out on behalf of a third party. Only project outlines that meet the requirements listed above will be reviewed.

The projects will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • C1 - Novelty, originality

  • C2 - Compliance with the cluster strategy, and with the technology concept in particular

  • C3 - Leverage on the transfer recipient’s competitiveness (applicability)

  • C4 - Urgency: e.g. strategic project, market proximity, risk project, etc.

  • C5 - Clarity and comprehensibility of the project outline

  • C6 - Adequacy of the outlined project budget