Focused transfer projects

The aim is to allow the greatest possible number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Leading-Edge Cluster region to take advantage of the it’s OWL technology platform and gain access to methods, tools, software modules and prototype solutions from the cross-sectional projects.

The main plan for achieving this objective involves focused transfer projects. These are projects that can be implemented over a period of five to ten months and are based on the technologies developed by the Leading-Edge Cluster. In order to promote the dissemination and use of the it’s OWL technology platform, transfer projects are fully funded.

Examples of focused transfer projects include:

  • Carrying out potential analysis regarding the use of self-optimizing systems
  • Expanding an equipment control system to include intelligent regulating and control functions
  • Carrying out (pilot) studies to evaluate existing user interfaces with a view to user-friendliness
  • Developing solutions to simplify the process of commissioning and reconfiguring equipment
  • Implementing operational strategies for more efficient energy management
  • Optimizing requirements management and development management

The following pages provide more information on how you can request a transfer project, what requirements must be met and when your project would start.