Competitive with new technologies

In the cross-sectional projects by it’s OWL, research institutes are developing new technologies and methods for self-optimization, human-machine interaction, intelligent networking, energy efficiency and systems engineering. Any company in OWL that is looking to make their products and production systems more intelligent can benefit from the results.

The core of the Leading-Edge Cluster is made up of family-run businesses and a wide range of medium-sized firms. Often, these companies are extremely interested in the technologies produced in the cluster even though they are not involved in implementing their own innovation projects. The technology transfer sustainability initiative is dedicated to allowing these firms access to the methods, processes and tools that have been developed. The aim is to train interested companies in how to apply this knowledge and to support cooperation with regional research institutes. The two main technology transfer tools are knowledge sharing groups and focused transfer projekts.


Get ready for Industry 4.0 – transfer programs teach companies about new technologies and methods
Get ready for Industry 4.0 – transfer programs teach companies about new technologies and methods

Technology platform

The technology platform developed by universities and research institutes in the Leading-Edge Cluster for intelligent technical systems serves as the basis for technology transfer. Largely developed in the five cross-sectional projects, this platform includes methods, tools, software modules, prototype solutions and more. Up to EUR 5 million in cluster funding is earmarked for technology transfer so that the concentrated knowledge of intelligent technical system development contained in the technology platform can be made available to small and medium-sized enterprises in the Leading-Edge Cluster region.

Four-stage model

Technology transfer in the Leading-Edge Cluster it’s OWL follows a four-stage model.

Das Vier-Stufen-Modell des Technologietransfers
  • Stage 1: In the first stage, it’s OWL cluster shows, trade fair appearances and targeted information events are held to draw the attention of interested companies to the Leading-Edge Cluster and its work.

  • Stage 2: Once interest has been generated, more in-depth information is provided to interested companies, for example in specialist workshops and working groups. The aim is to discuss specialist topics and technical aspects of the cluster in an easily comprehensible manner.

  • Stage 3: In goal-oriented workshops, generally held on company premises, potential transfer partners learn how to transform their requirements into a concrete task definition.

  • Stage 4: The next step is to develop tailored concepts for focused transfer projects during individual consultations with companies. After a successful application, the project is implemented.

The transfer team

The transfer team for the Leading-Edge Cluster helps to initiate transfer projects. Its members provide information to companies, identify needs and organize matching to research partners. If you are interested in technology transfer opportunities, please contact the transfer team.