Technology concept

The cluster’s technology concept explains how intelligent technical systems are structured and how they function. The key to their intelligence is information processing.

Intelligent technical systems consist of four units: the underlying system, sensor technology, actuator technology and information processing technology. Information processing has a key role, as it connects sensors and actuators via a communication system. While sensors obtain the necessary information from the environment, actuators perform a physical action in conjunction with an underlying system. In this context, underlying systems are mechanical structures, such as machinery or equipment.

When all four units are found together in one system, this is called a subsystem. Drives or automation components are examples of subsystems. Multiple subsystems that are linked in a group, such as in a vehicle or machine tool, are called a system. When systems communicate with each other and work together, regardless of physical separation, this is a networked system. An example of this is an industrial laundry that has machinery and equipment networked to form a production unit.

Technology concept: from intelligent subsystems to a networked, cyberphysical system.