Intelligent technical systems

Intelligent technical systems are complex products that are based on interaction between information technology and engineering. Software components are integrated into machinery and equipment to carry out control, regulation and data processing tasks. They give artificial intelligence to technical systems and make life easier.

What makes a technical system intelligent?

Intelligent technical systems feature four key characteristics:

They interact with and autonomously adapt to their environment.

In an ever-changing environment, they cope with even unexpected situations that were not considered by the developer.

They use knowledge gained through experience to anticipate the effects of different factors.

They take into account and autonomously adapt to different users’ behavior.

What benefits do intelligent technical systems offer?

Intelligent technical systems open up new prospects for businesses, and form the basis for a number of innovations that are often also collectively referred to as Industry 4.0. An increasing number of functions and greater networking between products and production systems offer many benefits for users, but at the same time pose huge challenges for development.

Thanks to intelligent technical systems:
•    products and production systems develop new functionalities and become easier to use
•    development, installation, servicing and lifecycle management are improved
•    the reliability, safety and availability of products and production systems are enhanced
•    resources such as energy and materials are used more efficiently
•    individualized and adaptable production processes are made possible