Sustainability Initiatives

Increasing company competitiveness

Technology Transfer

The Leading-Edge Cluster it’s OWL is creating a unique technology platform for intelligent technical systems. Cross-sectional projects are developing new technologies for self-optimisation, human-machine interaction, intelligent networking, energy efficiency and systems engineering. Examples include self-optimising controls for machinery and equipment, intuitive human-machine interfaces and methods for energy management and interdisciplinary product development. In the second phase of Leading-Edge Cluster funding, the intention is to make these technologies available to a multitude of companies through some 120 transfer projects. In preparation for the transfer, companies must be made aware of the benefits of the technology platform, and individual needs must be identified and translated into concrete transfer project approaches.

The aim of the technology transfer sustainability initiative is to develop events, knowledge-sharing groups, workshops and consultancy programmes that illustrate the effects of the technology platform to businesses and to design transfer projects. Transfer partners and cross-sectional project managers are involved in developing the programmes.

This was accomplished by designing transfer events at which interested manufacturing firms were introduced to the technology platform and ideas for transfer projects are identified. Knowledge-sharing groups on cross-sectional project topics allowed for continuous exchange between research and business sectors. This was all supplemented by workshops that provided companies with a deeper understanding of the use and effects of various technologies. Concepts for transfer projects were developed during individual consultations with companies. After testing, the programmes were implemented and continuously developed with cooperation from the partners listed.

The project increased companies’ awareness of the benefits offered by the Leading-Edge Cluster technology platform and laid the groundwork for dissemination. Transfer projects to introduce technology were developed as needed for implementation in the second phase of funding. This allowed companies to increase their competitiveness and market success by optimising their products and production processes. The results of the project have been carried over to sustainable transfer tools and further education programmes. In addition to this, engineering firms in the OWL network disseminated the technology platform outside the cluster.

Project duration
01 July 2014 - 30 June 2017