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Work 4.0 | Needs analysis and offers for manufacturing companies (AWARE)

Designing and shaping the working world of the future

Information and communication technologies are increasingly finding their way into the working world. This affects production work (e.g. using tablets to support work processes), as well as knowledge and development work, which is increasingly faced with work that is distributed in terms of time and space, as well as with products that are becoming ever more complex.

The digitalisation of work is shifting the focus towards the social aspects of workplace design. This is why companies need to actively involve their employees in the change to digitalisation, to adapt their working conditions and qualifications as well as to implement changes to the working world together with corporate co-determination committees. Business objectives and employee needs must be reconciled in the process.

The project objective is to develop the potential of digitalisation for the working world in a considerate way that is focused on adding value. In this respect, it is aimed at striking a balance between technical options, organisational design and change communication, as well as implications for employees and their active involvement. To that end, results from research are transferred to operational application as a model for businesses. Topics such as cognitive assistance systems, participatory technology design, learning and teaching platforms are covered here, as well as agile leadership and staff development.


Project: Work 4.0 | Needs Analysis and Offers for Manufacturing Companies (AWARE)
Project duration: 1/12/2018 to 30/11/2020
Projekt budget: EUR 1.79 million