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Sociotechnical Risk Management in the Introduction of Industry 4.0 (SORISMA)

Introducing Industry 4.0 without obstacles

Industry 4.0 opens up promising opportunities for companies in Germany: from improved control of their own value chains, to the networking of products and services, to the development of new digital business models.

Nevertheless, many manufacturing companies still shy away from the complex challenges. Often, it is not the technical conditions that make companies hesitate, but the difficult-to-assess risks related to the factors of profitability, organization and people. 

After all, even if new technologies are implemented smoothly, their economic success also depends on gaining the acceptance of the workforce, for example.

The aim of the SORISMA research project is to develop practical measures and methods to help small and medium-sized enterprises identify risks at an early stage and introduce Industry 4.0 solutions in a risk-optimized manner. In doing so, not only technological developments are considered, but Industry 4.0 is understood as a socio-technical system with the three dimensions of technology, organization and people.


Project: Sociotechnical Risk Management in the Introduction of Industry 4.0 (SORISMA)
Project duration: 01/07/2019 to 30/06/2022
Project volume: EUR 4 million