Innovation Projects


Automatically solving machine problems

In the Makeathon #horizonteOWL, which was organized in June 2020 by it's OWL in cooperation with Fraunhofer IEM and OstWestfalenLippe GmbH, new impulses for the economy in the Corona crisis were to be developed. Out of 31 ideas, the 'ServiceNavigator' emerged as the winning idea, which is now being developed into a prototype in a one-year project.

The ServiceNavigator is designed to enable service technicians to find solutions to machine faults more quickly. The system will also enable machine operators to help themselves. To this end, the project team will develop software that functions as an automated diagnostic tool. In the first stage, the fault knowledge of service technicians will be systematically documented and made available in digital form. The second stage of development envisages translating this static knowledge into intelligent fault trees, thus enabling the software to be optimized in the long term.

The use of the software should counteract bottlenecks in the machine manufacturer's service organization - even after Corona - and significantly increase machine availability for the operator. The consortium expects to be able to handle errors five times faster and thus plans to effectively strengthen the relationship between machine manufacturers and operators.


Project: ServiceNavigator
Project duration: 01/02/2021 to 31/01/2022
Project volume: EUR 1 million