Innovation Projects

Intelligent sensor network for determining process variables (InSensEPro)

Intelligent sensor networks in agricultural machinery

In this project, solutions are developed to optimise the efficiency of the harvesting process of agricultural machines. By means of an intelligent sensor network, processes in the machine are to be monitored and its data interpreted by AI. This requires novel concepts for the determination of process variables in different processing stages within self-propelled harvesting machines. Efficiency increase of the harvesting machine with simultaneously optimised crop quality will be the result. In addition, the machine operator is significantly relieved.

For the development of the sensor network, a modular sensor platform is designed in the project, which will be used to evaluate different physical measurement principles as well as technical interfaces for data transfer. Based on the measurement data acquired with the sensor network, an evaluation will be developed using AI methods to determine the respective state of the process deep inside the harvesting machine. The evaluation of the data of the individual sensor nodes is adaptively matched to the respective state, thus bundling the knowledge on the harvesting machine and relieving the machine operator.


Project: Intelligent sensor network for determining process variables (InSensEPro)
Project duration: 01/10/2020 to 30/09/2022
Project volume: EUR 1.01 million