Innovation Projects

Digital Business (DigiBus)

Unlocking new clients and markets on platforms

Digital platforms such as Amazon, Uber and Airbnb have changed their sectors in the B2C field. This change is increasingly coming up to B2B markets as well. As a result, digital platforms are being created in agriculture, as well as in mechanical and Systems Engineering, such as 365FarmNet and ADAMOS, which is a software platform for digital production.

In order to stay competitive and to generate revenue that goes beyond the mere sale of products, manufacturing companies must increasingly interlink their products with services. Digital platforms allow them to offer customers a comprehensive solution, from incoming orders, to production and logistics. Innovative solutions that offer clients added value and create an appropriate willingness to pay, are the prerequisite. However, entering platform business is difficult for companies, and raises various questions.

The project objective is to exploit the potential of digital platforms for businesses. The following will be determined in the process: what products and services are appropriate for the platform business, how existing platforms can be used, and what changes have to be made in companies. Various reference platform strategies are being developed for SMEs, based on a platform radar. A manual supports businesses in developing their own individual strategy. Role profiles and organisational structures, which are required when setting up a platform, are being developed as part of the application design.


Project name: Digital Business (DigiBus)
Project duration: 1/11/2018 to 30/04/2021
Project budget: EUR 2.77 million