Innovation Projects

Cobot-supported test stations for Intelligent Technical Systems (CogeP)

Increasing automation at test stations

Due to the increasing volatility of sales markets, the rising number of variants and the customer demand for individual products with simultaneous short-term orders and increasing price pressure, the testing process of complex, technical products is subject to special requirements. In particular, this involves the flexible (self-) configuration and scalability of the test station depending on test scenarios in the product life cycle.

The aim of the project 'CogeP' is therefore to increase the degree of automation of test stations for intelligent mechatronic systems. Here, not only the automation for handling products and test equipment is to be considered, but also the continuity of test data over the entire life cycle is to be ensured. For this purpose, human-robot collaboration is used with the help of a Cobot. A Cobot is a collaborative robot that works together with humans and is not separated from them by protective devices. Cobots are also characterized by simple and intuitive learning and programming functions. Convertible Cobot supported test stations are developed on the basis of consistent test and operating data.


Project: Cobot-supported test stations for Intelligent Technical Systems (CogeP)
Project duration: 01/03/2021 to 29/02/2024
Project volume: EUR 1.61 million