Innovation Projects

Agile teamwork through predictive competence management (Predicteams)

Competence development for agile teams in digital working environments

The digital transformation is changing both the way people work together in organisations and the demands placed on employees. Teams are increasingly assembled flexibly for current orders.

This project focuses on the development of approaches to enable companies to optimally staff so-called agile teams in digital work environments and to improve their work. For this purpose, competencies for agile teamwork in the context of digital working environments are being identified and made available in a database with instruments for measuring relevant competencies. In addition, a method is being developed that uses semantic language analysis to simplify the survey process of competence assessment, and an analysis of competence profiles is being developed.

Application examples help to record these competences. A guideline with relevant models and methods aims to support companies in introducing predictive competence management and future-oriented team staffing. Current measuring instruments and methods in personnel and organisational research are adapted for application in the company and tested using test data.


Project: Agile teamwork through predictive competence management (Predicteams)
Project duration: 01/08/2020 to 31/07/2023
Project volume: EUR 2.45 million