Innovative ideas for sustainable companies

Sustainability initiative: Startup companies

Successful company startups create new workplaces and increase the innovative strength and competitiveness of a region. The it's OWL Leading-Edge Cluster projects create new technologies, methods and products with attractive business potential. In order to convert these into successful company startups, systematic identification of ideas, sensitization of potential founders as well as extensive qualification, consultation and management are required. However, the existing infrastructure of the startup network in OWL, made up of universities, chambers of commerce and business development institutions, is not yet orientated towards this. New offers need to be created that are specifically orientated towards high-tech startups and the requirements of the startups’ interests, and which cover the entire value chain of the company startup.

The goal of the company startups sustainability initiative is to convert the promising startup ideas of the Leading-Edge Cluster into concrete companies. Together with numerous partners from the startup network, needs-orientated offers for identification, qualification and mentoring during the startup process should be developed.

In addition, workshop formats for cluster partners and interested startup founders will be devised in order to identify and develop startup ideas and business potential. In addition, tailor-made offers for qualification will be developed in which the specific knowledge of practitioners and researchers will be made available, such as web-based training sessions, a startup database and a technology radar. Moreover, the startup founders will be supported throughout the entire process by consultants and mentors who will provide them with knowledge, contacts and other offers. In addition, incubators will be available to take advantage of existing infrastructure. The approaches will be tested and then integrated into the range of services offered by the partner.

As a result of the sustainability measures, company founders will be able to identify business ideas from the Leading-Edge Cluster projects and will be transferred into sustainable startups by individual offers of support. A total of 50 startup concepts will be developed, from which it is intended that 30 companies will be founded. As a result, new technologies, methods and products from the project will be disseminated on a broad basis and made available. The competitiveness and strength of innovation in the region will increase and new workplaces will be created. The measures developed will be implemented by the partners of the startup network in order to support the further development of scientifically and technologically orientated company startups.

Project duration
01 July 2014 - 30 June 2017

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