Getting specialists ready for the future

Sustainability initiative: it's OWL education drive

Products and production systems such as machinery, vehicles and household appliances are becoming more and more complex due to increasing customer requirements. Research projects by the Leading-Edge Cluster are therefore developing new technologies and methods in fields such as self-optimization, human-machine interaction and intelligent networking. In order for these to be implemented and used by companies, specialists must be trained in using them to develop and manufacture products and production systems. In light of demographic change and the anticipated shortage of specialists, it is essential to motivate schoolchildren, specialists from other regions and experienced engineers in particular to pursue a career at the companies and universities in the cluster.

The aim of the education drive sustainability measure by it's OWL is to develop new further education programs and tools to train specialists and motivate them to pursue a career in OstWestfalenLippe. Various partners are involved in developing and running programs for different target groups according to their needs.

One such program is an it's OWL Summer School that provides practical training on the latest research results for graduates and young professionals. Further education courses are also designed so that specialists can be trained in using the new technologies and methods mentioned above. In addition, a personal development model for experienced engineers is devised to keep them at their companies for longer. By working on projects with scientists and students at a research institute, they gain an overview of innovative technologies and new impetus in their work. In order to give schoolchildren a deeper insight into technical careers, it's OWL school camps are developed along with supplementary opportunities such as internships. 

All of this trains specialists in new technologies and makes companies more competitive. Because young professionals and graduates are motivated to pursue a career in the cluster, the project makes a contribution to meeting the need for specialists in the region. It also raises the external profile of the region as a center for leading-edge technologies and increases its attractiveness to specialists and managerial staff. Transfer and implementation outside the cluster are ensured by guidelines and marketing concepts.

Project duration
01 January 2013 - 30 June 2017