Innovation Projects

Companies and research institutes worked together to create new market-ready products, technologies and applications in a total of 33 innovation projects. In the process, they made use of the new technologies and methods developed in cross-sectional projects. The innovation projects were divided into three categories: subsystems, systems and networked systems.

Subsystems form the basis of an intelligent technical system, and consist of four units: the underlying mechanical system, sensor technology, actuator technology and information processing technology. Examples include intelligent sensors, drives or automation components.

Systems comprise a number of interrelated subsystems. Examples include intelligent production machinery, household appliances or even ATMs.

Networked systems consist of multiple intercommunicating systems that may be in different geographical locations. Examples include self-optimising production units, industrial laundries or networked currency circuits.


Development of a microgrid for companies
Reliable power supply through small power plants
AEG Power Solutions GmbH

Scientific automation platform
Sustainable production through intelligent automation technology
Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG

Extremely fast automation
Efficiency increase of standard processing machines
Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG

Intelligent heat transport for efficient electric vehicles
Sustainable e-mobility
Benteler Automobiltechnik GmbH

Intelligent adaptation and networking of farming machines
Optimal harvest results
Claas Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH

Electronic environment detection for harvesters
Efficient and safe harvesting
Claas Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH

Self-adjusting chargers for electric vehicles
Intelligent charging and longer driving
Delta Energy Systems (Germany) GmbH

Highly compact chargers for electric vehicles
Energy supply in a minimum of space
Delta Energy Systems (Germany) GmbH

Intelligent early warning system for hazardous substance storage
Safe storage and monitoring of hazardous substances

Work preparation through virtual machine tools
Intelligent planning - optimum machine utilisation

Intelligent machine tools for individualised production
More market proximity at the push of a button

Intelligent separator
Optimal refinement of food products
GEA Westfalia Separator GmbH

Intelligent processing of large components with large tolerances
Self-learning welding robots
Goldbeck GmbH

Flexible assembly through self-optimising components
Intelligent automation enables flexible production
Harting AG & Co. KG

Flexible assembly with integrated interactive robotics
Manufacturing based on a modular principle
Harting AG & Co. KG

Actuator-based systems for self-adjusting intelligent headlamp technology
More road safety through optimal illumination
Hella KGaA Hueck & Co.

Range extension of electrically driven vehicles
Driving on without sacrificing comfort
Hella KGaA Hueck & Co.

Resource-efficient, self-optimising industrial laundry
The green laundry
Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH

Intelligent production of copper bond connections
More power in electronics
Hesse GmbH

Electrification of ancillary units in commercial vehicles
Innovative drive solutions
KEB Automation KG

Intelligent drive and control technology for energy-efficient intralogistics
Energy saving in warehouses
Lenze SE

Electronic motor with rotating drive electronics
High tech on the rotor
Lenze SE

Energy management in smart grids
Intelligent household appliances for intelligent power grids
Miele & Cie. KG

Automation for versatile production technology
Manufacturing different products with flexible machines
Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG

Adaptive couplers for industrial automation networks
Automation for different network standards
Wago Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Innovative automation systems through Industrial IT
Decentralised automation for a versatile production
Weidmüller Gruppe

Innovative hardware and software architectures through Industrial IT
Small chip - big effect
Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG

Self-correcting manufacturing of electrical connection technology and guide rails for furniture
Efficient and reliable forming processes
Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG

Self-correcting production in connection and automation technology
Optimised forming processes
Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG

Intelligent user interfaces for self-service terminals
Interactive ATMs
Diebold Nixdorf AG

Networked systems for automated circulation of money
Secure and efficient handling of banknotes
Diebold Nixdorf AG

Self-optimising drive for drilling into wooden components
Energy-efficient drilling in furniture production
Wittenstein motion control GmbH

Intelligent kneading process
Kneading machines sense the dough
WP Kemper GmbH