2 German-Canadian co-innovation projects to be launched

16 March 2020 - it's OWL internationally renowned partner in the field of AI

Two research and development projects in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) with a volume of 2.7 million euros are the result of an internationalisation measure by it's OWL. Within the framework of this initiative, the Leading-Edge Cluster has established a cooperation with the innovation region British Columbia (Canada).

Over the next three years, research institutions and companies will implement AI solutions in production planning, control and robotics in joint projects with the University of British Columbia and Canadian medium-sized companies. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) will provide funding of around 1.9 million euros. Günter Korder, Managing Director Operations it's OWL, is delighted: "We are very proud of the perception of it's OWL by the Canadian partners in our subject area. With the University of British Columbia, we have a real powerhouse in the consortium and will certainly continue to expand this.

Artificial Intelligence in production
A 1.3 million euro research and development project is to provide answers to the question of how a company can optimally implement AI in its production planning. Josef Schulte GmbH, the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic Systems Design IEM and the Paderborn University are cooperating on this project. Together with the Canadian partners Sanexen Environmental Services Inc. and the University of British Columbia, a procedure for planning and implementing AI in production is to be developed. Based on concrete use cases in machine supply and sequence planning in the production of Josef Schulte GmbH, AI methods are to be systematically introduced and implemented.

Deep-Learning in Robotics and 3D-Computer Vision
In a second project, the Industrial Automation Division of the Fraunhofer Institute for Optronics, Systems Engineering and Image Exploitation IOSB, Resolto Informatik GmbH, the Canadian partners VCVision and the University of British Columbia are working on a framework that integrates deep learning into distributed intelligent systems.

Machine learning, for example in the form of neural convolution networks (CNN) or deep learning, has revolutionised the field of robotics in the last ten years. One area in which this is particularly true is 3D computer vision and 3D image understanding, where the analysis and recognition of objects via volumetric images and point clouds is essential. The project aims to enable faster and more accurate image analysis and understanding without the need for major hardware upgrades. The focus is on use cases in industrial robotics and 3D computer vision for industrial automation. The project volume amounts to almost 1.4 million euros.

it's OWL - it's global
With these projects, it's OWL is consolidating a cooperation with the innovation region of British Columbia, which already began in spring 2018 as part of the cluster's internationalisation activities. Under the question of "How can technology networks cooperate more effectively and closely in order to achieve leading global positions? it's OWL has established cooperation with Canada, especially the British Columbia region. The technological focus of itsowl-EA, a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), was in the area of Industrial Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a central component of it's OWL programme structure and a topic area in which Canada also demonstrates decisive strengths. The joint research and development projects are now creating synergies for the development of comprehensive Industrie 4.0 solutions. Through publications and events, even non-participating companies from the cluster can benefit from the project results.