Industrie.Zero – our new strategy

New technologies for sustainable SMEs

With our competences and experience in the field of digitalisation, we are now developing our strategy further. Under the title ‘Industrie.Zero‘, we are making the OstWestfalenLippe region a lighthouse region for sustainable value creation. For the reduction of CO2 emissions and circular value creation. For intelligent energy supply and sustainable product development. And for new forms of skilled labour development.

By 2030, sustainability and corporate success will have become one and the same thing. After all, market potential for sustainable products is high, as sustainability is an important criterion for purchasing decisions. Climate protection, reputational damage, supply chain failures and legal requirements are forcing companies to act. Also, for junior staff, sustaina- bility plays a decisive role in their choice of employer. With ‘Industrie.Zero‘, the Leading-Edge Cluster it‘s OWL is pursuing a dual strategy for sustainable value creation through Intelligent Technical  Systems: companies develop intelligent products for sustainable use – and they use intelligent production processes for sustainable value creation. Sustainability thus becomes the foundation for corporate success.

Our mission

  • Zero emissions - reducing CO2 equivalents to zero
  • Zero waste - expanding circular value creation
  • Zero loss of competitiveness - driving sustainable success 
  • Zero leaving behind - full employment and people-centred work
  • Zero dependencies - reliable supply and delivery systems
  • Zero solo efforts - promoting a culture of cooperation

In our projects, we develop technologies, solutions and applications in the thematic fields listed below, which we make available via tech transfer services and our innovation platform.