Open Innovation City

Open Innovation City Bielefeld

The principle of "open innovation" is shaping the economy of our time. In concrete terms, the "open innovation" approach means deliberately opening up the innovation process of organisations to the outside world.

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The principle of open innovation is being applied to a city in East Westphalia-Lippe for the first time, whereby valuable scientific knowledge can be gained.

It should enable future-relevant topics to be worked on together in networks of science, business, associations and other social groups in thematic networks. Within the framework of the project, Bielefeld is to establish international innovation partnerships through which the city will permanently increase its innovation potential.

With a tangible culture of innovation orientation, Bielefeld should thus be given the opportunity to develop into one of Germany's leading innovation hotspots, where the development and migration of talent and expertise is promoted. These goals and their implementation will create a scientifically based and evaluated transfer concept that will make it possible to transfer the principle of "Open Innovation" to other cities in order to ensure the future viability of cities and regions.