Digital Twin Factory

The digital twin for your factory!

How about being able to check your new factory for performance and function and commission it virtually before the first divisional cut? Or, if you could optimise your existing factory without risking downtimes, quality losses and waiting times? That's exactly why we develop the digital twin of your factory.

Developing and optimising a factory with a digital twin leads to enormous savings over the life cycle of a factory. Even up to the SOP (Start of Production), a multiple of the costs for the creation of the digital twin is often saved. We are happy to support you in exploiting this potential. 

From planning to running production

There are different use cases that yield a high ROI (return on investment). We would like to briefly introduce some of them to you. Already with the creation of the rough concept of a factory, the first version of a digital twin can be created.  Here, the focus is on the possibility of simulating the plant. This makes it possible to check the plausibility of the concept at this stage and to avoid bad investments. With the definition of the higher-level control concept, the control system can then be integrated and optimised via telegram communication. Once the various trades with their individual components have been determined, the digital twin is expanded to include the controls on the shop floor level. This means that tests and optimisations can also take place here without the corresponding hardware. This not only reduces the expensive commissioning time, but also the time-to-market is significantly shorter. This means that the tied-up capital can be 
used productively at an earlier stage. 

Optimisation mode

Even after the SOP (Start of Production), the Digital Twin can convince with its possibilities. It can be used to answer various questions about the plant and possible adjustments during optimisation operation. For example, it is possible to check optimisations for a suitable return on investment before commissioning. 

Adaptations and retrofits

Today, factories have to adapt more and more frequently to changing market and product requirements. The digital twin supports the necessary changeability of the plant. In fact, it is often indispensable for keeping to tight schedules and avoiding corresponding costs due to production downtimes.

Digital twins at the Hannover Messe

At the Hannover Messe on the OWL joint stand, the Digital Twin Factory will present the Digital Twin of a factory and will introduce the various use cases in more detail.
At our stand, we will also be happy to discuss with you the potentials for your plants and present the possibilities and limitations.