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The innovative power of the region combined in seven thematic fields at the OWL stand

At the OWL joint stand at the Hannover Messe, 34 companies, research institutions, networks and start-ups will be showcasing pilot applications. The spectrum ranges from AI and machine learning to smart manufacturing, intelligent energy supply and circular value creation through to networked mobility and the working world of the future.

AI and machine learning

In the leading-edge cluster it's OWL, companies and research institutions are tapping into the potential of AI for manufacturing, product development and the world of work. On our special AI area, we will show how 50 use cases for AI are being introduced in production. We will also be looking at AI in assembly and engineering. And what implications generative AI will have for product development and other areas of the company in the future.

Intelligent and climate-neutral manufacturing

How can we increase resource efficiency and quality in production? How can we reduce emissions throughout the value chain? We offer solutions for intelligent data analysis and innovative connections that lead to self-optimisation of machines and plants. In this way, companies secure their competitiveness - and significantly reduce their CO2 emissions.

Innovative energy supply

Through intelligent energy management, we can increase energy efficiency and tap new energy sources. We show new approaches for and 'all electric society' and for the use of hydrogen. For an efficient and secure energy supply in the future.

Circular Economy and Sustainable Products

How can we use and recycle materials efficiently? The initiatives 'Cirquality' and 'InCams@Bi' initiatives offer concrete solutions for SMEs. Companies like GEA show with their strategies how companies can think holistically about sustainability. 

Working world of the future

Shortages of skilled labour and changing job profiles are major challenges for the industry. OWL Ltd presents new approaches for STEM promotion, the use of 5G in training and the development of digital training programmes. The 'Competence Centre Arbeitswelt.Plus' develops solutions for improving working conditions and intelligent skills transfer.

Start-up region OWL

Start-ups find an optimal environment in OstWestfalenLippe for the development of new business concepts and pilot customers in industry. In cooperation with the start-up initiatives, we show new ideas for the industry of tomorrow.

Transfer to SME's

With precisely tailored support services, we help small and medium-sized enterprises to follow their individual path to industrial transformation. From potential analyses to transfer projects and innovation platforms.