Machine Learning easy to use without expert knowledge in the field of Data Science

Machines and systems continuously generate data. In the future, those companies will be successful that succeed in generating added value from this data. This makes the use of artificial intelligence in industrial production plants one of the central challenges today. Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are used in many areas, from detecting anomalies, classifying and predicting wear or damage to quality control. In the future, machine builders will be able to offer new data-driven services and thus establish new business models.

With the Automated Machine Learning Tool (AutoML) Weidmüller provides the user with the appropriate software. The AutoML tool enables domain experts to independently create Machine Learning (ML) models based on their application knowledge.

This enables them to contribute their in-depth knowledge of their machine and system processes. The AutoML software guides the user through the process of model development, which is why Weidmüller also refers to it as "Guided Analytics". Here, the expert focuses on his knowledge of machine and process behaviour and links this to the ML processes running in the background.

This means that the software helps to translate and archive the existing and valuable application knowledge into a reliable machine learning application by cleverly interrogating the existing knowledge and combining it with the ML process running in the background. At the end of the modelling process, the expert selects the most suitable model for his application.