Enhancing your rehabilitation experience

Themenfeld: Neue Geschäftsideen für die Industrie der Zukunft

VECURY is developing a new approach to improve the physical rehabilitation of patients with musculoskeletal disorders. The VECURY approach integrates machine-learning with virtual reality and motion sensing technology into a digital platform to create an innovative physical rehabilitation experience for both patients and therapists. Our solution guides patients throughout rehabilitation and offers therapists an effective tool to minimize the need of supervision.

The great advantage of the VECURY platform is that exercises adapt to the patients` goals and capabilities. On one hand, the therapist can design customized training plans for each patient and modify it based on the patient’s recovery progress. On the other hand, patients can exercise in virtual-reality while receiving guidance on the training exercises. And thanks to our machine learning algorithms, the patient can receive real-time feedback while the difficulty of each training session automatically adjusts to the patient`s performance. The VECURY approach provides physicians, physiotherapists, and patients with a high degree of flexibility as well as with objective data of the recovery progress.

For the past 6 years, the VECURY approach has been developed by three graduate scientists who have been working together to develop the state-of-art digital rehabilitation with only one mission: enhance the rehabilitation experience . Since 2019, the VECURY team has been also working in close collaboration with medical partners at Evangelical Hospital Bethel as well as drawing International attention from European organizations such as EIT Health. VECURY has also received financial support by the Ministry of Innovation and Digitalization through the funding line EFRE-Transfer.NRW.

VECURY: Quickly explained