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Type is a startup based at the Founders Foundation in Bielefeld, Germany. The Type team have developed a brand new video editing software. We offer a fundamentally different user interaction which allows users to edit video in a new, faster and much easier way.

Type Studio is a text-based video editor. This means that instead of editing in the classic video time line, you simply edit your video by editing the transcribed text. 

️How it works can be explained in three simple steps:

  • We turn your video into text 
  • You edit the text
  • The video is automatically cut

Type Studio lives in your browser. Therefore you can access the video editor from anywhere and edit your videos at any time. With the collaboration capability, you can even work with your team on joint projects. Besides the new, time-saving and easier approach to video editing, text-based editing offers many other advantages. For example:

  • Simple addition of subtitles and translations into other languages
  • The video is made searchable on the basis of the transcribed text

We would like to invite you to test our first free beta version and receive your feedback in return.

Just visit our website http://www.type-studio.com

If you are interested in a personal conversation, as it would have been possible at the Hannover Messe, simply arrange a short zoom meeting with us. https://calendly.com/type-studio/zoom

We look forward to an exciting exchange with you!

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