Wireless sensor network solutions for industry and intralogistics

With nexy, steute has developed an industry 4.0 communication network that links radio-based sensors and operating devices on the shop floor level with the higher-level IT infrastructure (ERP, LVS, MES, BDE, FTS fleet manager ...).

In production or in the warehouse, a radio network with access points is set up, the signals from the sensors are bundled and transmitted to a sensor bridge. This creates an essential prerequisite for networked and smart production.

nexy is provided as a system solution with pre-configured applications for central applications (driverless transport systems/ AGVs, mobile eKanban racks, Andon systems, signal lights ...). Several thousand sensors and different applications can be integrated into a radio system. Interfaces to common IT solutions (e.g. SAP) are available.

Thus process data from the field are integrated reliably and in real time and made universally usable. Among the users of nexy radio systems are leading European car manufacturers, kitchen manufacturers and metal processing companies.

The current version of nexy, which will be introduced in 2020, is characterised by updates "on air" and a more powerful, IPC-based sensor bridge.

About nexy