smartFoodTechnologyOWL: benefits of Industry 4.0 in the food industry

Food is a highly sensitive issue: our health and well-being depend on its quality and safety. Their production requires precise planning and maximum efficiency. After all, limited raw materials must be used wisely, undersupply and overproduction must be avoided, the environment must be polluted as little as possible, and at the same time the production process must be economical. These are complex challenges that are ideal for the use of intelligent digital technologies. The research partnership smartFoodTechnologyOWL is working on this.

Within the framework of the project "Quality assurance in food production: Cyber-physical systems and Big Data", for example, a continuous mashing plant was developed. The demonstrator plant enables research into digital product twins as well as process prediction and pursues the goal of a self-regulating system.

Together with around 40 small and large regional partners from industry, trade, commerce and other research institutions, the university is working on innovative products and technologies for the food industry. By bringing together industry 4.0 competencies and food technology know-how from the university and partners, a competence center on the topic of "Where Food meet IT" is being created at the Innovation Campus Lemgo. smartFoodTechnologyOWL sees itself as a learning partnership that is constantly developing and is open to further partners.

The initiative is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research through the program "Research at Universities of Applied Sciences: FH-Impuls". In addition, smartFoodTechnologyOWL is also financially supported by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The Ministry for Innovation, Science and Research of North Rhine-Westphalia supports the initiative with an additional EUR 280,000 over the four-year start-up phase until 2020.