PRODASO - the highly intelligent production software provides a clear user benefit: Increased productivity, more transparency, meaningful and resilient key figures, a significant increase in production efficiency, shorter throughput times, optimal personnel deployment and the best possible delivery reliability. With PRODASO, companies from the manufacturing industry secure their competitiveness in a highly competitive international environment.

Product functions

PRODASO enables a holistic networking of all existing machines, especially the retrofitting of existing plants. This is the basis of digitalization and the entry into Industry 4.0. 95% of the existing machines in industrial production are not or only partially networked due to heterogeneous system landscapes and missing standards. This is where PRODASO with its 4 modules comes in and creates a scalable, unique benefit for the user:

Smart Monitoring & Smart Analytics

The entry into digitisation begins with the software package "Smart Monitoring & Smart Analytics". With the help of "Smart Monitoring & Smart Analytics", the customer first of all receives complete transparency in production across all machines and plants. Thanks to the innovative plug & play principle, data is collected from all available machines and not, as is usual in practice, from an insufficient number of individual machines. Within minutes the hardware module PRODASOConnect connects even old machines - retrofitting is no problem. At the same time the relevant information from the ERP system is included. If all machines are connected, the customer gets a visual overview of the entire machine park and the associated production processes. The whole thing is made possible by recording and interpreting the current status data of the machines. In this way the entire process can be recorded, displayed and analysed in real time. Should a machine show a deviation from the planned process, e.g. due to a machine malfunction, this is immediately displayed on the dashboard, the responsible employee is informed and can react.

In addition, this software package offers an analysis in the form of a simple determination and categorization of operating states, downtimes and plan deviations. Every deviation and standstill is recorded by the system. The responsible employee can subsequently enter the reasons for this manually or an automatic recording can take place so that error codes of the machine control system are clearly interpreted and an understandable reason is assigned to the error. This allows evaluations to be made with regard to availability, performance and production quality. The analyses are so flexible that they can be applied to specific time periods, such as shifts, days, weeks, etc. Furthermore, these applications can be applied to products, machines and orders.


The "AI Analytics" software package is a supplement to the "Smart Monitoring & Smart Analytics" package. Using intelligent algorithms, this software module analyzes the information and background of all available anomalies in production and develops patterns to avoid repeated problems. Even while system information is being generated, which in the past has led to incidents or deviations, AI Analytics activates an alert service in real time to inform the user. These alerts are continuously becoming more detailed and better due to the constantly increasing data stock. Thus, malfunctions, downtimes, production losses and their interrelationships throughout the entire production process can be analyzed and highlighted at an early stage. With "AI-Analytics" the maximum amount of data can be viewed and different parameters can be linked together so that previously hidden but relevant information is available to the user in real-time. Based on recurring patterns, relevant information can be provided on a fine-grained level.

Smart Planning

With the software variant "Smart Planning", a rough and detailed planning is clearly carried out on the basis of the already existing data, with the aim of keeping costs and time expenditure as low as possible, while at the same time increasing output. "Smart Planning" can be used as the leading planning tool or it can take over the plan created by the ERP system and then take the lead in production control. If there are any deviations from the plan, "Smart Planning" displays them. Due to the large amount of information from production, deviations are visible in real time. The production management can react quickly with this module and receives the results of the change immediately and in detail. The system is geared to the target requirements of the respective customer and determines an individual and best possible production and process plan.

AI Planning

The software variant "AI Planning" offers self-optimising production planning and control using artificial intelligence. The difference to the "Smart Planning" package lies in the consideration of existing analyses. With the help of intelligent algorithms, the analyses of historical data as well as future forecasts are included in the planning and, on the basis of a simulation, the best possible production plan, taking into account the complex interrelationships in the processes developed.

In addition, control variables can be changed by the production management and their influence on the entire production process can be represented by the intelligent algorithm. The time period of the simulation can be set by the user manually or automatically in case of order changes or occurrence of a new event. In the event of a breakdown of a scheduled machine, simulations allow the production planning based on it to take all historical and current events into account. Due to its prospective mode of operation, this software variant guarantees a significant increase in yield and the best possible result. The algorithm learns continuously from the decisions of the production management and can draw on a best-practice library.

Customer benefits

The easy connection of all machines, the independent detection of anomalies, the resulting derivation of recommendations for action as well as the intelligent and autonomous production planning and control allow for undreamt-of optimization potentials in every production and make the PRODASO system unique. With PRODASO a concentrated focus and increased team intelligence is created, as patterns of production management, machine operators and existing operating data as well as order-related data from the ERP system are learned and from this a derivation of new strategies based on historical and real-time data takes place. The strengths of each individual employee are specifically promoted, as past best practice knowledge is included and, thanks to a complete information base, errors can be learned from immediately. The knowledge that has been acquired over many years is thus always retained in the company.

The special AI algorithm, developed in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld, targets the needs of production, learns with every step, evaluates it and supports the team every day to become better and to achieve the best possible result. On the basis of computer-aided simulations and machine learning methods, which enable intelligent and autonomous production planning and control, unknown and complex interrelationships in processes can be uncovered, which in turn create an accurate digital image of production. Changes that would otherwise be visible to only a few are revealed by means of pattern recognition. The system takes into account points of view that were not previously within this spectrum and expands it from day to day. This way, deviations from the plan are reported immediately.

The bundling of production knowledge and the use of AI algorithms enables the employee to compare alternative measures with each other, to decide on the optimal procedure and consequently to position himself in the best possible way in a changing future through the PRODASO system.