PLC ONE: One system - infinite possibilities

The PLC One is a revolutionary controller for industrial plants or applications, which is faster, more efficient and cheaper than conventional solutions, because it combines the required logic in one chip and makes it available indefinitely with a unique plug-in system.

Conventional controllers have an outsourced pre-processing and the performance of the FPGAs used is not used to the full extent, the PLC One changes this.

There, the complete logic is realized on one chip and implemented on the software side alone. Through the expansion boards, the full performance of the one chip can now be used tailor-made. Standardized extensions can now be plugged onto these, which can cover all the requirements of an industrial controller. The Ethernet extension, for example, is interesting for setting up entire systems or for use as an industrial switch.

By using the CRUVI standard, the complete ecosystem of this high-speed connection becomes available and offers e.g. image processing directly in the field.

If a chip is not fully utilized, neural networks can be implemented on it, for example, to predict failures in the plant.

The system can be installed in the housing as a classic industrial controller, but also as a board directly in devices.