Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Ruhr-OWL

Expert knowledge for SMEs - practical and free of charge

Many companies do not manage to deal with digitization in their day-to-day operations. They often lack time, budget or expertise. Our services provide these companies with experienced experts with whom they can examine their production, processes and services for potential and implement them.

The digital transformation is changing the world of work. Innovative technologies are taking hold. New business and value creation models are emerging. Processes in companies have to be rethought and rebuilt, internal and external communication channels have to be designed differently. This development brings great opportunities and at the same time great challenges - especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

But if the digital transformation is used and shaped correctly, it offers smaller companies the opportunity to position themselves for the future. The Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Ruhr-OWL shows how this can be done. We support SMEs from the Ruhr region and OstWestfalenLippe in their digital transformation and help them network their products, production and processes.

Training via Virtual Reality

Training specialists effectively and efficiently will become increasingly important in the future. Here, too, digital technologies can provide support. With the forklift driving simulator LiftNick, the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum presents a resource-saving and safe supplement to driver training on the real forklift. Take a seat in the driver's seat of the demonstrator, grasp the steering wheel and dive into a virtual warehouse with virtual reality goggles.