Sustainability at all levels: Holistic sustainability concepts at Miele

At Miele, we think of sustainability holistically and across the entire life cycle of our products - from the purchase of materials, through production and use by our customers, to recycling and far beyond.

The glass washing machine is representative of the entire product range and illustrates the various facets of Miele's holistic approach to sustainability. In particular, it addresses the aspects of how the design of the washing machines is built so that, on the one hand, the carbon footprint is as small as possible and, on the other hand, manufacturing is as simple as possible for employees.
It also shows how Miele ensures that laundry can be washed in an energy-saving and environmentally friendly manner, and how the construction and design of the washing machines contributes to laundry conservation. The main focus is on what materials are used to not only provide outstanding function, but also to ensure the longevity of the machine.
At the same time, a look into the future is also ventured: What will household appliances look like in the future and which circular concepts can be implemented to make household activities even better, more comfortable and more sustainable in the future?

Presentations on Miele's sustainability strategy and various pilot projects, for example on the topics of green steel, biodiversity and the Future Food System House, gillustrate Miele's diverse activities in the area of sustainability.