Here's how the digital twin adds value

Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring based on artificial intelligence (AI) is widely talked of. Lenze shows that there is more than just "buzzwords" at stake here and that a concrete benefit is created for the machine manufacturer using the example of a modular conveyor line: an IIoT automation solution consisting of hardware, software, networking and cloud-based services as well as comprehensive application knowledge increases the availability and transparency of the machine and makes maintenance more predictable.

When it comes to Condition Monitoring, Lenze relies on new methods from the field of artificial intelligence, which have been explored in ongoing research projects of the Leading-Edge Cluster. The focus is on the detection of conditions that limit availability: By means of model- and data-driven approaches, it is possible to detect, for example, wear-related changes in friction, slippage of conveyor belts or incorrect transport weights. What is particularly interesting is the fact that the added value created by condition monitoring is achieved without additional sensor technology. The analysis is based exclusively on data from the existing drive systems and information on the conveyor modules. Further services also create energy transparency: the component-specific efficiency of the motor and gearbox is displayed online for the movements, thus providing starting points for targeted optimisation.

The information on the funding modules is presented in manufacturer-independent, digital representations - i.e. digital twins in the format of the administration shell of the Industry 4.0 platform. They bundle all relevant information over the entire life cycle. Together with Phoenix Contact, Lenze is showing how this standard can be used to provide both static information (documentation, CAD, ...) and dynamic actual values of the individual devices via a "single point of truth". This interface and cross-manufacturer bundling reduces time and costs and facilitates the connection of digital value-added services.

Lenze and it's OWL
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