Encoderless safety functions directly in the drive

Functional safety is intended to keep the risks posed by technical equipment to people and the environment as low as possible. Machine tools or machine tools can endanger operators or technicians, for example, through tools that rotate at high speeds. The safe operation of machines often requires safety functions to limit speeds, directions or axis positions. With classic safety solutions, dangerous operating states are detected and avoided by external safety modules. This increases the complexity of the machine's safety concept. In some applications - for example with compact motors - it is not possible to mount an encoder for safe monitoring functions.

Since speed monitoring usually depends on signals from encoders, new concepts for safety functions without sensors are necessary. To realise this especially economically is the goal of the Drive Controllers with integrated safety functions from KEB Automation.

Compared to previous solutions with classical, safe encoder feedback the drive controller COMBIVERT F6 in the PRO version provides many functions also without external encoder. Encoderless safety functions in the drive offer besides more individual machine concepts cost-efficient possibilities for simple drive monitoring. In addition, the effort for service and maintenance is reduced. Through the integration of the safe fieldbus system Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE), conventional safe wiring is no longer required.