it's OWL

Foresighted maintenance in production: with artificial intelligence against machine failure

Even if production plants are regularly serviced and maintained, unplanned machine errors make spontaneous repairs necessary - an expensive and time-consuming job. The it's OWL and Digital in NRW networks, together with BENTELER and the Fraunhofer IEM, will show how manufacturing companies can optimise their maintenance using intelligent data analysis.

In the BOOST 4.0 research project the scientists of Fraunhofer IEM optimise a production line of BENTELER. A Big Data infrastructure collects real-time information from machines and sensors and enables the continuous monitoring of the production. The Fraunhofer IEM investigates methods of machine learning, anomaly detection and prediction models to predict and avoid error sources such as wear.

The collected and evaluated data can be reproduced by means of a 3D model of the production line at BENTELER. The intelligent data collection is visualized using the example of a hot forming process for structural parts in the automotive industry. On a dashboard, the data of the production machines and evaluation results are combined.

For the Leading-Edge Cluster it's OWL and Enabling Centre Digital in NRW it is important to show practical solutions also for small and medium-sized companies. Because artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly relevant for future competitiveness: Data support and improve business processes, enable new business areas and are an essential part of value creation.

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