Institute for Industrial Information Technology (inIT)

Institute for Industrial Information Technology (inIT) of the OstwestfalenLippe University of Applied Sciences

Mit "Where IT meets Automation" verfolgt das inIT einen visionären Ansatz, um Informationen immer in der besten Qualität verfügbar zu machen. Durch KI und ML gelingt es, die vernetzte intelligente Automation in diverse Branchen zu tragen. Künftige Systeme führen Selbstoptimierung, Selbstdiagnose und Nutzbarkeit durch, um auf schwankende Märkte zu reagieren.

We work on automation for intelligent technical systems and our overarching research focus is networked, interactive, embedded real-time systems for industrial information technology. Our core competence is to be able to capture information precisely, network it efficiently and process it intelligently. The method- and technology-oriented competence areas of the inIT are derived from this triad:

  • Industrial communication
  • Industrial image processing and pattern recognition
  • Intelligent analysis methods in automation
  • Human-Technology Interaction
  • Authentication
  • Cybersecurity

These research and competence areas are operationalized by numerous projects in the various fields of application. In the area of production technology, we can observe constant change, and this trend will increase significantly in the future. New demands on production such as high product individualization or the manufacturing of small quantities under large-scale production conditions, but also rising energy prices and political framework conditions require a more efficient, economical and ecological production process. These challenges can be addressed through the use of cyber-physical production systems (CPPS). This includes machine diagnostics of complex machinery and equipment through sensor and information fusion of networked sensors and edge computing. The interrelationships are demonstrated using a printing unit demonstrator as an example.