Support for uni spin-offs

The InnovationLaboratoryOWL is a unique project, unique in the entire OstwestfalenLippe region, which has been supporting technology and knowledge-based university spin-offs in OWL since 2017.

Over a period of three years, the Bielefeld University, the Paderborn University, the OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences have qualified, coached, advised and supported around 200 people interested in setting up their own company. Teamwork was not only important for the prospective start-ups, but was also very important within the framework of the cooperation.

The competencies of the respective locations were incorporated into the joint training programme, so that the participants of the programme could benefit from a wide range of offers. The networking events also reflected the broad spectrum of the OWL business location and brought the start-ups into contact with companies in the region. In addition, the partners from business and institutions acted as sparring partners in the mentoring program, providing advice and support to the young entrepreneurs.

The success of the program is evident and is reflected in the numerous awards, scholarships and grants. The partner universities will continue this fruitful cooperation after the end of the sponsorship in order to further shape the start-up culture in OWL.


About InnovationLaboryOWL
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