Testing machine for small parts

Especially small parts such as seals, turned and punched parts require a high degree of quality. The project presented here is an automatic testing machine for piston rings. The automatic testing machine was developed in cooperation with Ceres Vision GmbH, a specialist for industrial image processing which is also a member of the Hettich Group.

It performs a 100% measuring inspection of component geometries such as diameters with an accuracy of +/- 0.05 mm and checks for other attributive features such as burr and injection points.

The capacity of the plant amounts to 250 parts per minute. The components are fed to the plant as bulk material from vibrating spiral bunkers, thus the testing machine works for a longer period without operator. The tests are performed on a continuously running rotary table with glass ring. Several application cameras with appropriate lighting are used. Depending on the measurement result, the tested parts are deposited in four collecting containers. The test results are shown on a display and can be transferred to the QM software via an interface. The system is easy to operate and can be extended to similar products.

Testing machine for small parts
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