Fraunhofer IEM

Artificial intelligence for industrial value creation

Artificial intelligence has the potential to significantly improve future products and their development and manufacturing processes. Fraunhofer IEM researches and develops AI solutions for all phases of the product lifecycle - from idea generation, product planning and development to domain-specific system development and manufacturing.

Engineering Intelligence for planning and developing intelligent technical systems is combined with Industrial Data Science for intelligent products, production systems and business processes.

The use of machine learning makes it possible: knowledge is gained from data and applied at all stages of corporate processes to generate added value. In this way, for example, design processes can be improved, product weaknesses identified and developments accelerated.

Together with Hesse Mechatronics, the Fraunhofer IEM is developing an intelligent assistance system for production plants in the project "Machine Learning for Production and its Products" (ML4Pro²). The use of such a system supports Hesse and its customers in integrating their machines into the partly complex production process. The intelligent determination of process parameters by machine learning is supposed to shorten this process of commissioning and help to improve the process result.