Founders Foundation

Empowering Entrepreneurs

We are convinced that without a new generation of motivated founders who are not afraid to challenge the status quo and take unconventional paths, there will be no digital future for Germany. That's why, with Founders Foundation gGmbH, we have been bringing together innovators of all levels of maturity in a unique, startup-centric startup ecosystem since 2016 and training a new disruptive and digital generation of founders.


The location of Bielefeld and the surrounding area is the scene of many successful and cross-generational founder:inside stories, which has made Ostwestfalen-Lippe one of the most exciting B2B regions in Germany to this day and has given it the much-important title of "Heart of the German SME sector". The founder:inside DNA is thus part of our identity and within the framework of our startup training we pass it on to tech-savvy and industry-oriented founder talents.

Founding can be learned. And that's exactly why we bring together ambitious visionaries and future-oriented engineers and researchers and enable them to jointly found and scale not only a new digital SME, but also internationally successful tech companies. In our startup training, we teach sound strategies and methods that avoid costly mistakes and make it possible to get from the initial idea to potential market maturity in the shortest possible time. Naturally, we place special focus on B2B and deep tech business models that fit the profile and history of our region. In this way, we build bridges and offer a platform for established companies and startups to enter into direct exchange and shape the future together.

Our start-ups at the Hannover Messe


avori offers a holistic solution for the energy transition in SMEs: with a digital tool, we automate energy consulting, generate standardized concepts and ensure the setup of PV, charging infrastructure and storage systems through a qualified network of specialist partners.

FINDIQ is the fastest knowledge-based assistance system. We process the machine knowledge of experienced service technicians to assist newcomers and thus release new service potential.


No more painful staff absences: Boost your team's health in just 6 weeks, effectively increase your productivity and achieve sustainable savings - guaranteed.


mykori is the digital manager for corporate social engagement. The most innovative companies of our time already engage their employees in their own social engagement and benefit from higher job retention, fewer sick days and higher productivity. Why aren't other companies doing this? Because it's super complex if you don't have a dedicated CSR department. That's where mykori comes in: our solution brings employees and employers together, allowing companies of all sizes to realize the full potential of joint social engagement.


Reduce costs - protect the environment - protect the brand: Millions of illuminated advertising and lighting systems consume electricity, emit light, are temporarily defective and need to be repaired. Operators of these installations are usually only able to monitor them, detect damage and organize repairs with a disproportionate amount of manpower. With LichtWART, most of the monitoring is automated and requires no manpower. In addition to reducing process costs and service calls, 20-40% in electricity costs and light immissions can be saved.

As a spin-off of a medium-sized manufacturer of illuminated advertising systems in the 4th generation, we know the industry and its challenges and offer our solution as a platform for digital business models.