Echometer shaping cultures

Echometer drives organisational agility. Its software supports teams to run team retrospectives (“retro” in short), a regular workshop in agile teams to reflect and improve their teamwork. As a spin-off of the psychological department of the University of Münster, Echometer provides teams with psychological nudges to focus their retros on the things that matter most for their further development.

Studies confirm that “Legacy culture” is the #1 blocker when it comes to adopting agile ways of working. Companies struggle to measure their progress and help teams in targeted ways. Echometer allows continuous measurement of development and puts teams in the driver’s seat.

Teams benefit from an easy way to provide feedback and run focused retrospectives. As a side product of conducting retros with Echometer, the (bottom-up) development of agile ways of working are measured transparently within teams as well as across the organisation.

Echometer can be used by single teams, as well as whole organisations. Usually, customers start to pilot Echometer with some teams before rolling out to more parts of the organisation. Optionally, customers can schedule onboarding workshops with teams to get a quick training before running their first retro with Echometer.

German customers are sensitive to data security concerns. That’s why Echometer is hosted in Germany and offers high security standards. As a result, even banks as customers trust us.

Additionally, the product is ready for remote retrospectives, which proves to be invaluable during the corona crisis.

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