Optimized work and time management for more sustainability

dmc-ortim is an expert for work and time management according to the methods of REFA and MTM, for the production of time recording devices and software as well as for consulting. With Industrial Engineering and optimized work planning we organize the processes of our customers efficiently and future-oriented.

For more than 35 years, we have been supporting companies on their way to greater efficiency with products for optimal work planning. For the industry of the future, the sustainable use of human as well as material resources is a top priority. dmc-ortim supports you from data collection to the successful implementation of processes. 

Our comprehensive portfolio includes software solutions, time recording devices for professional data collection as well as consulting and support. We accompany industrial and service companies to implement the change of their processes in a target-oriented and secure way. 

With our versatile products for time measurement, we help you to efficiently measure your ACTUAL times and to determine reliable target times by means of time studies. No matter whether you are looking for a professional complete solution or a software for your tablet PC for occasional data collection. We support you in choosing the optimal product.

Our products for time recording:

  • ORTIM a5 - complete solution (device & software) for professional data acquisition
  • ORTIM a6 for Windows® - software for tablet PC
  • ORTIM a6 for Android™- Software for Android tablet.
  • ORTIM b6 - App for handy time study recording with Android tablet.
  • ORTIM c6 - entry-level solution for time management on the smartphone for iOS and Android.

After time measurement comes the standardization of data. Our ORTIMzeit software is the tool for the complete preparation of time studies: edit, manage and evaluate time studies - all in one system. ORTIMzeit can be adapted to your specific requirements. Whether individual design of the printouts, further processing of the data or integration in SAP or other ERP systems. Our experts are at your side on the way to the future. 

Our work scheduling products help you optimize your processes and ensure the efficient use of resources. With ORTIMplan, products and variants are planned from a process library. This process library can be built up on the basis of a wide variety of time data, e.g. on measurement data and formulas (REFA) or on empirical values or systems of predetermined times (MTM, WORK-FACTOR).

In addition to our solutions for Windows, we also offer software for integration with SAP. CAPP Knowledge is a system for creating, managing and querying planned times using recognized time management methods (e.g. MTM and REFA methods) in production and maintenance. As a certified SAP add-on, CAPP Knowledge can be fully integrated into your SAP system. 

We can help you optimize your processes to be fit for the industry of the future.
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