CirQuality OWL

CirQuality OWL - A production location without scrap and waste

At the heart of CirQuality OWL are the potentials of circular value creation, i.e. products, buildings, components or materials are designed from the beginning to be used in a continuous cycle without ending up in landfills or downcycling.

The 5 established innovation networks of the region - Energie Impuls OWL, Food Processing Initiative, InnoZent OWL, OWL Maschinenbau and ZIG - Zentrum für Innovation in der Gesundheitswirtschaft OWL - together with the VDI OWL and the FH Bielefeld are realizing a capacity building in order to implement the strategy of the regional action concept of the region OstwestfalenLippe from the future-proof production location OWL.

Over 60 companies, universities, initiatives and institutions are using the enormous consumption of energy and resources as an opportunity to use their digitization skills to develop OWL into a model region for circular value creation.

CirQuality OWL aims to close biological and technical loops in order to operate independently of raw materials and CO2-neutrally and achieve high-quality products and processes in the face of future challenges posed by volatile raw material prices, the exponentially increasing use of micro-electronics in components for Internet connections (Industry 4.0, Internet of Things), composite materials in lightweight construction products and packaging or reduced landfill options for construction materials. The network develops corridors in production, trade and application, so that the approach of a circular economy can become established and be further developed. To this end, CirQuality OWL organises specialist forums, learning groups, specialist lectures, hackathons, company tours and workshops.