Centre for Entrepreneuship

Contact point for anyone interested in setting up a company

The ZUg (Centre for Entrepreneuship) is a central contact point for all those interested in setting up a business at Bielefeld University.

Innovative and technology-driven spin-off projects from top-level research at Bielefeld University are an important pillar of research transfer and part of the overall strategic concept for the development of the Bielefeld Research and Innovation Campus (BRIC). As a central institution, the Center for Entrepreneurship (ZUg) accompanies people interested in setting up their own business on their way to professional independence and supports them in sharpening their business idea up to marketability.

The transfer of research results into the economy and society takes place through university spin-offs and cooperation with regional companies. With 13 faculties and central scientific institutions such as the Center for Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) and the Center for Biotechnology (CeBiTec), Bielefeld University has a high research potential which is transferred within the framework of the services offered by ZUg. In this way, the Centre for Entrepreneurship contributes to regional economic development.

As part of the joint project InnovationLaboratoryOWL, the Centre for Entrepreneuship is participating in a cross-university event format that creates synergies between the start-up teams and promotes innovation.