Unlimited, flexible and intuitive: efficient control of compressed air stations

With the 'airtelligence provis 3' BOGE sets new standards for the interconnected control of air compressors. With the latest version of the intelligent control system, an unlimited number of compressors and accessory components can be managed in a forward-looking and consumption-based manner. In addition, users can also control any number of compressed air networks via airtelligence provis 3. A fully integrated, high-performance industrial PC makes the system a complete solution ready for connection. The system is operated via an intuitive touch display or remotely, for example via a mobile device. All machine data can be called up at any time and almost in real time.

The previous version, 'airtelligence provis 2.0', controlled the interaction of up to 16 rigid or frequency-controlled compressors and a limited number of accessory components. With 'airtelligence provis 3', hardware and software are now dimensioned so that an unlimited number of compressors and components can be connected and switched on.

Since Ethernet is used as the communication standard, existing IT infrastructure can be used and fast and simultaneous communication between several participants is possible. Thanks to the Modbus interface module, 'airtelligence provis 3' also integrates third-party compressors without any problems. To ensure that communication between products from different manufacturers and device types functions safely and reliably, the BOGE control system already supports the open data format OPC UA. In addition, the 'airtelligence provis 3' can also control different compressed air networks - a novelty on the market.

The product