Beckhoff Automation

With the XTS to flexible, sustainable value creation

From Beckhoff's point of view, automation technology offers ideal technologies to realize the necessary and required flexibility in production and to implement efficient approaches to increase the sustainability of an industrial company.

With the XTS linear transport system, Beckhoff offers a proven drive solution in which magnetically driven movers move along a travel path consisting of fully integrated motor modules. However, the XTS is more than just an efficient transport system - the movers transport, handle, produce, measure and interact individually. This brings flexibility to production. Lot sizes, products, processing stations, routing can be changed during operation. 

For this purpose, the movers are individually controlled depending on the task and move independently of each other, in pairs or in convoy. Depending on requirements, the number of movers per system can be changed. Depending on the requirements, pure transport movers or movers with sensors or actuators can be used. These enable process steps to be carried out on the mover, such as handling or quality inspection. If a different routing is necessary due to additional processing stations to be approached or if maintenance work is to be carried out, the system can be adapted via plug-and-play.

In this context, it is always a concern to design and operate production in a sustainable manner. On the one hand, a generally compact design of the system was therefore chosen. In addition, by using engineering tools specially developed for this purpose, new, space-saving machine concepts can be developed and these can be designed to be energy- and resource-efficient from the outset. On the other hand, the systems can analyze and optimize their energy consumption and throughput times during operation. 

Typical for Beckhoff technologies is that the basis for these analyses is the data from the controller and, if necessary, data from additionally installed sensors.  This data is the basis for numerous diagnostic functions that can be used to detect system changes at an early stage. For example, an increase in current consumption by the mover can mean increased friction. Early reaction to such changes can prevent system downtimes. 

In addition to the XTS, Beckhoff offers a large number of technologies for implementing modern production. These solutions promise flexible production optimized for sustainability, without disregarding the demand for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.