The digital platform for AI in engineering

What if you, as a company, knew before the launch of a product whether your customers needed it? What if you, as a start-up, knew which company was looking for your solutions? Users and providers of AI technologies need a place where they can come together. A place like the AI marketplace.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an important key for innovative and efficient product development. With the AI marketplace, a unique ecosystem is being created throughout Germany with which companies can tap into the potential in this area. The hub is the AI Marketplace platform of the same name, where suppliers, users and experts can develop and exchange solutions for AI.

Our vision is a marketplace that intelligently connects platform users with each other according to their supply and demand profiles and at the same time offers a protected space for secure data exchange and data sovereignty. In addition, there will be an app store for AI applications that can be used directly by companies, and ultimately a toolkit thanks to which individual AI building blocks can be assembled into company-specific overall solutions.

A marketplace at the Hannover Messe

At the Hannover Messe, the AI marketplace will present new features of the platform: Visitors can experience the marketplace on site at a demonstrator and test new functionalities of the platform themselves. 

Our booth - which is also designed as a marketplace - also offers the opportunity to experience the potential of artificial intelligence live on an interactive LEGO model. The LEGO model makes it vivid and tangible how AI supports the development of new products with the help of the identification of like and similar parts at CLAAS.

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