Competitive with new technologies

In the cross-sectional projects by it’s OWL, research institutes are developing new technologies and methods. Any company in OWL that is looking to make their products and production systems more intelligent can benefit from the results.

Get ready for Industry 4.0 – transfer programs teach companies about new technologies and methods
Get ready for Industry 4.0 – transfer programs teach companies about new technologies and methods

Successful technology transfer to SMEs is it’s OWL’s unique selling point. In transfer projects with a university or research institute SMEs can utilize expertise, methods and technologies from the Leading-Edge Cluster to tackle the specific challenges of digital transformation. Projects are straightforward to apply for and can be easily implemented. Its effects can be seen in operation straight away. Medium-sized companies can take important steps on the road to Industrie 4.0 in this way.

Transfer projects make a crucial contribution to digitalising processes, products and services. This includes, for example, intelligent machine and system networking and self-optimisation, IT security, designing human-machine interfaces, an efficient energy management system or new business models.

Small businesses (up to 50 employees) may receive funding for up to 80% of the total costs for a transfer project, and up to 60% for medium-sized businesses (up to 249 employees). Two types of transfer projects can be carried out in the process: Analysis and design assignments for research institutes (max. amount of funding: EUR 20,000), as well as assignments for qualification and implementation (max. amount of funding: EUR 40,000). A company can implement one project from each of the two sectors every year. In doing so, the projects can also build on one another or both variants can be combined.

The application with the research institute’s offer is submitted to the it’s OWL cluster management.  After an assessment by the cluster management and Project Management Jülich, a transfer voucher is issued, which is paid out after the project has been completed.  Interested companies can get advice from it’s OWL Clustermanagement GmbH and it’s OWL transfer partners when developing the idea and matching with a research partner. it‘s OWL transfer partners are IHK Ostwestfalen, IHK Lippe, OWL Maschinenbau, InnoZent OWL and OWL GmbH.