The OWL Joint Stand

50 exhibitors across 670 m² and five areas present the innovative power of it’s OWL.

Industrial Automation 

Data Analytics – We bring the intelligence into the machine

Innovative automation and drive solutions are the basis for intelligent production. In the it’s OWL Leading-Edge Cluster, world market leaders develop new solutions for Industry 4.0, leading to significant improvements and savings. At the Hannover Messe, they will present new approaches in data analytics. 

Intelligent machines and devices

On the path to Smart Services

Technological leaders from the SME sector stand for reliable, efficient and user-friendly machines and devices. In doing so, they are increasingly developing new services. At the stand, they will present networked machines, transport modules, hazardous materials storage and assistance systems. New methods of additive manufacturing, high-performance joining and signal transmission serve as important contributions. 

Cutting-edge research for intelligent technical systems

From research institutions to SMEs

Our universities and research institutes provide SMEs with research findings on new technologies – e.g. for human-machine interaction, intelligent networking and holistic product development. In Hannover, they show applications for robotics and assistance systems, augmented and virtual reality as well as versatile production. 

Startup region OstWestfalenLippe

An optimal environment for new business ideas

New business ideas emerge from the partnerships within the network. In OstWestfalenLippe, these startups find an optimal environment. The four state universities’ OWL innovation laboratory provides them with support in developing their business concept. New business incubators offer room for development and contact with companies. Technologiefonds OWL (“Technology Fund OWL”) and Business Angels OWL provide access to growth capital. The “Startup Region_OWL” initiative connects founders and other actors in OstWestfalenLippe. Selected startups will present their ideas at the joint stand: The spectrum ranges from drone usage to intelligent measurement methods, cloud-based purchasing management and artificial intelligence. 

Networks and services

We support SMEs and bring partners together

Industry initiatives, chambers of commerce and economic development organisations are transfer partners of it’s OWL. As part of the “OWL 4.0 – We shape our tomorrow” strategic concept, they support companies in harnessing the potential of digital transformation. This, for example, is done through digitalisation checks, training courses and partner placement. Service providers offer solutions in innovation development and business process optimisation.