Organisation and structure

The technology network stands out due to the high level of commitment from cluster partners and its strong management.

The management company it's OWL Clustermanagement GmbH handles project implementation, strategy development, networking between cluster partners and marketing for it’s OWL.

  • Strategy, research and development: This area comprises the further development of the cluster strategy and the overall technological concept. Dr.-Ing. Roman Dumitrescu is the cluster's legitimate contact and is responsible for communication with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the project sponsors and the specialist community. 
  • Operations: This area focuses on all key operational management tasks and communication with the cluster partners. This also includes networking on a national and international level. Günter Korder, the main contact person at national and EU level, is in charge of the management.
  • Marketing: This area promotes the identity and perception (image) of the cluster. Herbert Weber heads this functional area as well as the regional development company OstWestfalenLippe GmbH in personal union. The joint coordination of location marketing results in significant synergies.

The sole shareholder of this company is it's OWL e.V., in which the around 200 members pool their interests.

The executive board for this association – the cluster board – determines the strategic direction of it’s OWL. A scientific advisory board, made up of internationally renowned scientists, provides the management company with advice on further developing the technology platform.

Experts from businesses, research institutes and commercial organisations also help the Leading-Edge Cluster to develop and implement activities by getting involved in the system architecture, marketing, transfer and internationalisation teams.