Pursue a career in OstWestfalenLippe

Careers can be found outside the big city too. Corporations, medium-sized enterprises with an international focus and the research community in OstWestfalenLippe offer a wide variety of prospects and individual career paths. What’s special about us is that we think in generations, not quarterly periods.

Specialists, managers and scientists will find outstanding working conditions and career opportunities available in both businesses and research institutes. Our universities are known for excellent, highly practical and interdisciplinary programs in MINT subjects, giving young professionals the best possible preparation for the challenges of their future careers.

The Leading-Edge Cluster region of OstWestfalenLippe is among the strongest production clusters in Europe, according to a study by the Stockholm School of Economics. The region has 400 companies in mechanical engineering, the electrical and electronics industry and the automotive supply industry alone, employing around 80,000 individuals and generating annual revenue of EUR 16.5 billion.

The following pages provide information on career opportunities in OstWestfalenLippe, job boards for our cluster partners, and a selection of study opportunities available at regional universities. Come to OstWestfalenLippe and help to shape the future of technology!